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since 2000, sports shoes in sports celebrity endorsements, idol endorsement, product diversification development, sports sponsorship, store management, construction of industrial parks have maintained a homogeneous step amazing. "". As early as in 1999, Anta with "CCTV + sports star" way, and rapidly enhance sales, rapid development. In the next few years, according to statistics, more than 40 Quanzhou sports brands have imitated this "made card" approach, and have invited stars and cctv. in addition, sports shoes enterprises "vigorous" "listing campaign" has also attracted the support and attention of the sports administrative departments and the government. It is reported that the city of Jinjiang for supporting the listing of enterprises set up special funds, companies can get at least 4 million of th Cheap air jordan 12 ovo e financial subsidies, and comprehensive guidance and support for the enterprises in the listing qualification, procedures, risk assessment, economic research etc.. In this regard, experts said, although the Fujian listed sports shoes enterprises are also very few, but the reserve forces listed enough, these shoes enterprises not only highly qualified, and after years of preparation, for the understanding of the capital market also strengthened a lot, capital operation ability has been greatly improved. brand is the soul of an enterprise, and is an intangible value beyond the entities such as products. And brand awareness, identity, reputation, loyalty and other consumers are closely related to the brand impression, is an internal force that can bring effectiveness to enterprises and consumers. Therefore, Anta's sports cheap foamposites marketing means of communication arise; at the same time, CCTV-5's professional sports media platform is the first choice of brand value transfer tools. Signing spokesmen also open Anta focus on sports marketing blue ocean door. Beginning in 1999, the spokesman has Kong Linghui, Battelle, Wang Hao, Feng Kun and other athletes, these athletes sports spirit and sports values, Anta brand value injected vitality. domestic professional sports brand PEAK CEO Xu Zhihua said, "in the face of rising prices of raw materials, enterprises can not be cost pressure to the consumer, should start from the brand building, the added value of products, enhance the bargaining space, thereby enhancing the ability to control risk." The industry experts said, "in the rising costs and increased competition in the industry context, the brand va cheap jordan shoes for men lue competition has become the ultimate competition between enterprises, and enhance brand value has become the survival of enterprises today."." in China, many small and medium-sized shoe enterprises started to realize the self value of its own brand, please spokesperson for the promotion of the brand, this brand will not only build out, can also form better affinity with consumers. For small and medium-sized shoes enterprises, to the hearts of the people as their own brand of technology support, I believe it can open how to break through this idea, and cater to the consumer psychology. nowadays, with the fierce competition in the market, more and more shoes enterprises are facing the "Red Sea" of homogenization competition September, wantaisheng's "U.S.POLO ASSN." business activities held in Jinjiang in 2010 sp cheap jordans for sale ring and summer new conference, officially launched the zero inventory to join the new mode, become Jinjiang enterprises orders during the peak, one of the most eye-catching highlights. previously, Jinjiang sports brand, knoch has launched bedat also joined the "zero inventory" mode. Jinjiang sports brand is so keen to join the "zero inventory" phenomenon, to reminiscent of Adidas recently came to raise a Babel of criticism of inventory "incident" inventory "has become a popular term for this year. in such a situation, in order to attract franchisees to expand the terminal, Jinjiang sports brands have launched "zero inventory" phenomenon is not difficult to understand. However, affected by the financial crisis, "zero inventory" franchise can produce the expected effect? "Zero inventory" to join, can become the ne cheap jordans for sale mens xt terminal model of it? For the vast number of enterprises in Jinjiang, what is the reference value and inspiration? "zero inventory" does not mean no inventory literally, "zero inventory" seems to mean no inventory, but in fact, Jin enterprises have implemented "zero inventory" does not mean that there is no inventory. " " zero inventory "is not meant no inventory, but inventory will be reduced to a minimum, mainly refers to not allow the franchisee to assume any inventory risk, stock company uniform small back to discount stores selling processing mode." Knoch brand center director Yuanzhang Tang explained. "for example, businesses can target a product to try to sell rauchfuss, first set a small amount of goods, the market effect of feedback according to the actual situation, with the company's orders, this way c cheap jordans online an effectively avoid businesses because of the area and the judgment of the market and lead to poor sales of the goods occurs." as the "zero inventory" mode to join one of the pioneers of Kilinochchi, take the "zero inventory management, direct" franchise model, namely mobile order mode for all stores using direct management, a quarter of goods 100% withdraw original way of operation. "zero inventory" in the implementation of a year after joining rauchfuss "market, the effect is very good, since the implementation, we in the country has continued to have dozens of stores, and in the near future will also have a number of stores opened." Tang Yuanzhang to knoch's own example, tells the story of the "zero inventory" to join in the terminal expansion on the "immediate" effect. as the "zero inventory" joining mo Retro jordans for sale de of new entrants -- wantaisheng, the franchise model is mainly in the brand and price competitive advantage on the basis of the "protected area", is to ensure that the dealer's goods have higher profit margins compared with common brand, for some)THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL Japan branch routinely issued this season Camo Luggage new collection, which is the THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL with the recently released the same coat and shirt, additional series of special release. Bags with leaf pattern as the main presentation, and eye-catching PURPLE LABEL logo, no doubt for the package to add a lot of tide temperament. Single items include backpacks, purses, luggage bags and small bags, etc., interested friends may wish to pay attention to. 2014 trend Camo backpack bag red ball, you mantissa analysis, the first central Retro jordans for sale mantissa was relatively cold in recent days. Only 3 of the last 10 periods have been omitted. At present, there are 1 omissions. This period prevents the central mantissa from being replaced. The mantissa is 5. second bit, 0 way mantissa, continuous out of 4, then gradually turn cold, the recent can give up, this period should pay attention to the omission of the 5 phase of the 1 mantissa compensation, concern mantissa 4. third bit mantissa 0 recently active performance, in the continuous bye after the 4 phase of the period covering, this period value 0 mantissa again, 6 mantissa reference. After fourth consecutive out gradually large mantissa bye, recently quit, optimistic about the position covering the continuous small mantissa, 3 mantissa reference period. After fifth 0 consecutive out gradually mantissa bye, Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the recent 2 mantissa, after the last out of mantissa 8, this period value 2 mantissa again, 5 mantissa reference. sixth bit mantissa prime pre thermal gradually turns cold, recently quit, optimistic about the number of mantissa continuous covering, the mantissa reference 0. basketball mantissa analysis central basketball mantissa interval 1 times again, after this period can give up, good basketball mantissa again drop, this issue refer to basketball mantissa 0. double chromosphere 2017100th stage red ball reference mantissa: 034568 2017100th Shuangseqiu red Shawei: 1, 9 red Danma: 05 16 double chromosphere 2017100th stage red ball double reference: 0405061214161823, 252627, 30 Shuangseqiu 2017100th Danma basketball: 0110 11 three expert Chen Liang, Whitehead and three jointly launched 3D, ranked three on th Cheap air jordans for sale e membership recommendation, the gospel of the majority of lottery, now seeking membership: July 5th 3D hit directly in the twinkling of an eye again in July 8th 15 note hit 3D group; July 12th ranked three senior member of & amp; ordinary members again hit hit group selected 15 note. In July 14th 15 ordinary members note hit 3D group; two days interval, July 17th 15 ordinary members note once again hit 3D group, July 21st to July 23rd ranked three hit; 15 note hit group selected, a senior member of 4*4*4& amp; 5*5*5 with direct hit; July 26th ranked three senior member group selected 5 note only hit, August 2nd arrangement midnight is the 5 note hit directly; in August 15th, 3D three also hit group selection and arrangement (10 note hit); August 17th 3D senior member of 5 note only directly hit the 731 election; in the twinkling of an eye in August 18th private People customized and senior members hit again direct election, eye-catching performance! In August 23rd, again in 3D group, Whitehead 10 note hit elections 535, please pay attention to Jinshouzhinan WeChat jsznsz membership"!recently, the media exposure lead two Nike Basketball has been for the fight against breast cancer and help the launch of the Kay Yow color shoes, a Hyperdunk 2014, another is Zoom Run the One, two are pink collocation black theme, beautiful and with public significance. magazine Sole Collector has been working with several shoe brands this year, and the newsgroup has also described its Jordan CMFT Viz Air 11, which was launched in collaboration with Jordan Brand. This is brought about by its cooperation with China brand launched by Lining, Yu Shuai V, white shoes and blue color, the LOGO magazine is located outside the bottom, tongue, loving friends can look at.recently, Zhang Bichen dressed in hot clothes at the airport, a hot discussion, Zhang Bichen dressed in white casual clothes, wearing red shorts. Style is particularly eye-catching. this is not who collocation, white casual clothing collocation red shorts, netizens said with a smile, Uncle Zhang, you are wearing red big pants to the airport, Uncle Zhang, old. This alternative clothing collocation and dress up, so that users surprised. Zhang Bichen this piece of pure dress, with white clothes, it is lovingly pathetic to make a lot of friends remember her. Of course, also has a stylish dress, there is a different feeling, give a person a kind of special feeling. Star clothes always give people a surprise. in the luxury version of AirJordan5Premium army green and pure white show, and a new luxury version of AirJordan5Premium "TripleBlack" exposure. this AirJordan5Premium "TripleBlack" uses pure black through the whole, and shoes and lining are made of top quality cowhide to give off the incomparable luxury quality. Different from the previous two pairs of shoes, and the tongue side of this double AJ5 adopts India type stripes, shoe buckle is used at the carbon fiber lines become the body of the shoe bottom in the bright spot, black crystal collocation outsole and shoe body corresponding to the theme. High quality leather with simple color matching, so that the whole pair of shoes low-key luxury sense. , the AirJordan5Premium TripleBlack, will be on sale in July this year, and friends who like black shoes must not miss them.

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